Our Urban Community needs an Escape Room.

Our Urban Community needs an Escape Room.

Our Urban Community needs an Escape Room.

An Urban Escape Room is well past due in my opinion. It’s a great way to revitalize an old space in our community. There are already two escape room operations around town, but none intentionally serve people of color. Here are a few reasons I believe an entrepreneur from the urban community should create an escape room in the East Knoxville area.

1. It will help revitalize the community

The first reason is because it will help revitalize an unused space in our community.. Running an escape room can create jobs in many different fields such as carpentry, electrical wiring, and plumbing service. This allows for people to enter into those fields without being intimidated by cost or experience level (i.e., you don’t need any experience). Additionally, it creates opportunities for entrepreneurs who want their own business but lack the funding or resources needed for starting one up from scratch (i.e., you don’t need any money).

2. Offers Team building, Leadership development, and entertainment

Escape rooms are a great way to build teamwork, leadership skills, and entertainment.

Team building is more than just getting your team together for a fun outing. It’s about helping them bond and work together as a cohesive unit. Escape rooms offer that opportunity by forcing participants to communicate effectively and solve problems as one team in order to escape the room within the allotted time frame.

Leadership development is another benefit of an escape room experience because it allows you some insight into how your peers may handle stressful situations or difficult tasks outside of a game-like environment – without any real risk involved! You’ll learn how others respond under pressure, how they react when given direction from their superiors (you!), what strategies they employ when faced with new challenges…the list goes on! All while having fun at the same time!

3. Affordable option for all

This is an affordable option for all. It can be good for families, kids, seniors, corporate team building experiences, youth camps, non-profit organizations, and schools.

You can have fun with your family at home or in a place that you want to go to together as a group. You could also just bring them with you and make it into a game night activity where everyone participates together.

It’s also good for couples who want something fun to do together but don’t know what they want to do or where they want to go. They don’t need any previous knowledge of puzzles or adventure games because everything will be provided by the escape room staff.

4. Escape rooms are profitable.

It is estimated that an escape room can make about $125,000 a year if it sells out most weekends. Escape Room market leaders show 75% profit margins in the first two years, followed by 50-60% each year after that. 

With East Knoxville’s proximity to UT Campus and the explosion in businesses moving in and near our area, an Escape Room provides a captivating option for families and business teams. 


There are several industrial locations in East Knoxville that will be perfect for an Urban Escape Room. A business like this will help revitalize our community by offering a fun, safe, and affordable entertainment option for all. It will also serve as an educational tool for schools, summer camps, and non-profit organizations to promote team building, leadership development, and development of critical thinking skills. I imagine an Urban Escape Room could be a unique experience unlike any other in our East Knoxville Area. 

If you believe that an Urban Escape Room would be a good opportunity, contact Eternal Marketing to help with the marketing, merch, and website of your Escape Room startup.  Brian Brooks and his team at Eternal Marketing are experienced in building booking and reservation websites. They would love to help you build a business that caters to the urban community. Call them at 865-816-9864.